Is your roof leaking?

Ice dams often result in property damage. Contact Rainbow International of South & West Suburbs at 708-460-0911 if you notice property damage brought on by winters weather.
Ice dams often result in property damage. Contact Rainbow International of South & West Suburbs at 708-460-0911 if you notice property damage brought on by winters weather.

Why is my roof leaking? There are many different reasons why this could be happening but the most likely cause is due to ice dams. The Chicago land area has been in a deep freeze and winters weather has been causing damage to numerous homes. 

Ice dams are formed when heat from the attic melts snow at the ridge or peak of the roof causing an "avalanche" of snow and ice to overflow the gutters. The melted water can then back up under the shingles and work its way into the house.

This issue can cause numerous damages to your property inside and out:

  • Damaged gutters, soffits and fascia
  • Raised shingles
  • Leaky roofs
  • Moisture inside the home
  • Moisture that is left untreated can lead to Mold

We have been receiving numerous calls for inspections regarding leaking roofs. The snow has melted but property damage has been left behind. These issues will need to be addressed to prevent further damages. Speak with your insurance agent before filing a claim to make sure your damages will be covered and they exceed your deductible. In most cases, the insurance company will cover damages to the interior and exterior of the home that are a result of excess weight from snow and ice dams. The insurance company will ONLY cover the areas that were damagedThis does not mean you will receive an entire new roof if only a few shingles were damaged. This is often a misconception when people file an insurance claim.

Rainbow International of South & West Suburbs is ready to assist you if you ever need help restoring your property. Our team of experts can handle any type of property claim stemming from water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, wind damage or mold damage. We work directly with your insurance provider to get you back home. Rainbow International of South & West Suburbs services Chicago Heights and the Chicagoland area. 

Emergency Hotline: 708-460-0911
Email: info@rainbowrestore.net
Website: www.rainbowrestore.net

Photos of Rainbow Internationals work: 
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·  American Council for Accredited Certification

·  EPA Lead-Safe Certified Renovator

·  Restoration Industry Association

·  Institute of Inspection

·  Cleaning Restoration Certification

·  Accredited with the 

·  Accredited with the Better Business Bureau, A+ rating with no complaints

Understand the C.L.U.E. Report: The C.L.U.E. Report is a report of the history of insurance claims or losses on a specific property or an individual that is based on the information in a national, computerized database of loss history information. If you file a claim and the insurance company does not pay out money for this claim it will still end up as an unpaid claim on your C.L.U.E.report. These unpaid claims will remain on your report for 7 years and can affect your policy rates when you are looking for a new carrier.

Underwriters for insurance companies can access your report before providing you with a quote for your property insurance. 
Visit: http://oci.wi.gov/pub_list/pi-207.htm for more information.
Visit: https://personalreports.lexisnexis.com/fact_act_claims_bundle/landing.jsp for more information.

It is recommended that you speak directly with your insurance agent before filing a claim. Your insurance agent can verify your coverage’s, your deductible and let you know if it is worth proceeding in filing a claim. In doing this you will avoid any unpaid claims on your C.L.U.E. report.


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