Ingalls Offers ‘Meditation and Mindful Living’ Series Beginning Jan. 6

Ingalls Family Care Center in Flossmoor
Ingalls Family Care Center in Flossmoor

Let the Ingalls Wellness Center help you explore meditation as a pathway to a calm, centered mind through its six-week series, Meditation and Mindful Living, beginning Monday, Jan. 6.

Taught by yoga practitioner, therapist and teacher Karen Nielsen, CYT, the course focuses on learning to live in the present moment to promote peace and relaxation. Proven techniques help reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration, and offer insight into your own being, mind, body, and spirit. Classes include instruction, explanation and practice while participants are comfortably seated in a chair.

The one-hour class meets on consecutive Mondays through Feb. 10.

Nielsen brings 28 years of teaching experience to this popular program. Her instruction is safe, sensible, humorous, enlightening and appropriate for individuals of any age or fitness level.

The class will meet in Conference Rooms A, B and C of the Ingalls Family Care Center, 19550 Governors Highway in Flossmoor, between Kedzie Avenue and Vollmer Road.

Fee for the six-week series is $60.

For more information or to register, call the Ingalls Wellness Center at 780.915.8850.


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