Surprising Ways To Save Money In the Southland

There are lots of surprising ways to save money at stores you probably already shop at!

You’ve probably gotten register rewards at , but did you know that you don’t have to spend them at ? You buy a $10 item and perhaps you get $5 or even $10 back in Register Rewards—why not use that money to lower your grocery bill? takes Register Rewards as long as they say "manufacturer coupon" on the top. Save them up for a way to really bring down your grocery bill!

Want to rent a movie, did you know you can get more movie bang for your buck? When you initially sign up for a  account, you get half-off all movies for one month. Did you know you can renew that privilege? For $9.95 per month, you can get half off all your movie rentals. It only takes a few movies rented before it pays for itself. And everyone on your account gets to take advantage of the half-off prices. Also, check out their midweek special all day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Rent a new release and get a dollar movie for free (includes dollar Blu-Rays). Don’t forget to purchase any Wonka candy product to be automatically entered to win a free laptop! Hurry, the contest ends Oct. 2.

Did you know you can save 5 percent every time you shop at Target, without opening a credit card?  has a debit card as well! Bring in a check and your ID and they link it directly to your current bank account. Saving 5 percent each time at a place you aready shop is that easy.


Have you ever found a coupon for something you want only to realize that it's expired? Ultra can help you! They take manufacturer’s coupons that are up to 30 days expired. Don’t fret, you can still get your item at a discount!

Marquette Bank

Marquette has one of the best bank rewards systems I’ve ever come across. Marquette only requires $10 to open an account. After you use your debit card 3 times (for anything, even just a pack of gum), you get a $25 gift card. From then on, you can earn points to be used for a variety of gift cards. Money for using your bank account, can’t beat it!


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