Is it Democracy if we are lied to?

My depiction of the primary

Im not sure how to start this, the terrible part about that statement is the criticism about my hesitation that may follow. A horrific tragedy transpired February 26, 2013, the tragedy being a decision by the voting public has sealed the deal for who will represent us in the 2nd Congressional District.

I am sure many people will assume that I am just over reacting, exaggerating an issue relentlessly with no basis. I will try to explain why this is a tragedy. I will try to do it with brevity.

It has been established that the 2nd Congressional District since the 1980s has been laced with despicable behavior and representation that is tainted because of such behavior. Once I was told in a political science class, if the people voted for it who are we to question it.

I think we should question the decision of the electorate. Why should we question it?

1)      Anytime people as a whole make a decision that is based on lies or half-truths, then should we accept the decision that will affect us?

2)      When ignorance of the voting public is used to influence a decision that will affect our lives , should we not question it?

When Jessie Jackson Jr. won an election without campaigning, under his admission of being mentally incapable, and sooner after we found it to be a Federal Investigation. Through all the indicators we were not careful. We voted for man that said he has personality disorders, in addition to the fact that he did not campaign for his seat. WE WOULD THINK that the voting public learned a lesson and would be extremely careful in their decision in voting for who we would send to Washington this time.

With the inappropriate use of campaign funds by Jessie Jackson Jr. WE WOULD THINK ANY sign of funding abuse or unethically used would dispel all association and voting for a candidate that receives such funding. But it did not, 30 thousand people voted for Robin Kelly who received 2.3 million dollar worth of anti NRA/Halvorson ads, from the Mayor of a city that has no reason to be concerned with our District.

More importantly our Constitution which has insured freedom for so many people, and it has been the standard of the world for liberty is being threatened; WE WOULD THINK that the voting public many who are survivors of racial divides and conflicts, would vote in opposition of a person seeking to change a fundamental right of freedom. But we did not, 30 thousand people voted for Robin Kelly who stand on a change to “sensible” gun control.

These clear indicators or lessons have been undermine by a sneaky well financed despicable group of people, whose sole purpose has been to establish fear in the heart of the American public on an issue that is so insignificant no one given the facts straight forward would ever pay attention to it.

They have painted our country as a murder capital of the world, YET immigrants are coming here in such numbers to escape oppression that we have an immigration problem. Logical reasoning would bring us to understand that no one would seek to voluntarily move to a place where they would have fear for their lives.

I have never seen so many anti NRA ads in my life, never!

The NRA supports the Constitution, yet through Bloomberg’s spin on words and graphical design, the NRA has been painted as an anti American faction.

It is literally impossible for you to be pro Constitution AND simultaneously anti-American.

Our voting public is not knowledgeable. We do depend on main stream media to help us make decisions. In understanding that statement our issues are a two part problem.
How do we stop mainstream media from reporting the insignificant in a disproportionate amount to real problems?  How do we relieve ourselves of an apathetic public? Unfortunatley the answer will be through oppression.

We have been lied to yet again. The murder rate in America is an isolated issue so small that the percentage is .00000321% nationally; yes decimal point then five zeros before we see a whole number.  Even those with mental illness that commit atrocities like Sandy Hook and the Denver Shooting do not threaten our country. Yet I do agree it is a tragedy, but so is cancer and suicide.

There is no such thing a “sensible” gun control and liberty coexisting together. However, Obama/ Bloomberg and company have said it so much, that many are starting to believe it. Where “sensible” gun control has been established in the 20th century, 95% of those countries soon saw the worst atrocities to humanity in recorded history. Not just Nazi Germany, but around the world.

Even with all I have recognize and understand I still cannot believe that a candidate with such a staunch focus on an insignificant issue won this primary. She said nothing about easing legislation and taxation to allow the growth of private sector jobs. She said nothing about increasing tariffs on imports to stimulate private sector jobs. She just wants to stop GUNS which by murder has contributed to a reduction of .00018% of the population of Chicago.  

Now please take a look at Robin Kelly and take an especially close look at those who have surrounded her at her victory speech….. if you do not see any similarity I will point it out, these are THE EXACT PEOPLE THAT SUPPORTED JESSIE JACKSON JR.

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Stuart Kurtz March 06, 2013 at 07:01 PM
Arthur, I remember that video! But that said, it was shot from with a lot of zoom, and there wasn't enough resolution in the image to ID the particular weapon. What identification there was came from the sound-track, and who knows what the source of that was. I tried looking for the video on youtube, but unfortunately that source has been contaminated with Sandy Hook hoax garbage.
Arthur W. Wiggins Jr. March 06, 2013 at 07:40 PM
Stuart, The police have listed all the weapon own by his mother. Which includes one bushmaster variant of the AR15 rifle. The rifle removed from that car was an AR15... now was it a colt AR15, or a S&W AR15, or a Rock River AR15, or a homemade AR15 ? I do not know. I do know it was an AR15. I have owned AR15s and the military has given me enough M16s to recognize that silhouette in the dimmest of light (the video was captured during daylight). Deduction or reasoning would lead us to believe that it is the one Bushmaster AR15 as reported that his mother owned. But truthfully we do not know and will not know until a report is made public about the incident. I will refrain from debating Sandy Hook simply because of the speculation that has filled the void in the absence of fact. I believe what I have asserted to be true about the rifle (it never entered the building), but I do not at this moment think it would be wise for me to propose that belief to be a fact.
Stuart Kurtz March 06, 2013 at 07:50 PM
Arthur, I don't doubt your skill at weapons recognition. The Connecticut State Police insist that the Bushmaster was found inside the school: http://www.ct.gov/despp/cwp/view.asp?Q=517284&A=4226 I'd love to have a good, frame-by-frame look at that video...
Stuart Kurtz March 06, 2013 at 08:09 PM
Arthur, You should do a google image search for an Izhmash Canta-12. Depending on how it's set up, it can look a lot like an AR-15.
Ezed54 March 18, 2013 at 04:28 PM
Obama is the liar in chief and I still consider the USA a democracy. So there you go.


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