Union Street Gallery Debuts 'I Shall Be Released'

The exhibit will include the works of 30 artists from the Midwest.

Want to be moved? Head to Union Street Gallery this month to see "I Shall Be Released."

That title alone brings about all sorts of emotions, and it seems that's exactly what the gallery is hoping the exhibit will do.

According to the Gallery's press release, it is "a powerful and emotional exhibit about trials and tribulations, overcoming adversity, coming to terms and rising above it all, claiming the freedom to create an authentic identity and voice."

"I Shall Be Released" will feature the work of 30 artists in the Midwest chosen by Sergio Gomez, director at 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago. You'll get to see paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, mixed media, printmaking and digital art, all addressing a myriad of issues afflicting the world and society.

Take a look at the art attached to this article for a sneak preview of what to expect when the exhibit opens Jan. 11 at the . There will be an opening reception Friday, Jan. 13.


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