Own or Operate a Business in the Heights? Claim Your Free Listing on Patch

Olympia Fields and South Chicago Heights businesses can do the same.

If you've been to Chicago Heights Patch to read the news, you may have come across our Patch Places directory.

It's basically a list we composed of local businesses that includes addresses, contact information, open hours and lots of other information we think our readers will find useful. We even went out and took pictures of several Chicago Heights, Olympia Fields and South Chicago Heights businesses.

Now, let's say you own or operate one of those businesses. You can actually claim the listing for your business for free and do all kinds of cool stuff with it, including adding pictures and additional helpful information for your customers!

You can operate this listing as if it's your Website, or at least a component of your existing site.

In order to claim your listing, simply visit it in our Patch Places directory (there's a search bar to make it easy to find) and click the button that says "Claim It."

You will be asked a few easy questions to verify your role with the business, then you're good to go. This is probably the easiest (and cheapest) way you'll ever promote your business.

A good example of what one can do with a claimed listing is Bergstein's NY Deli in Chicago Heights. .

They did all this without having to pay any money or give up any credit card information. We're a community resource, folks!

Also, if you own a business in the Chicago Heights, South Chicago Heights or Olympia Fields and you can't find it in our directory, contact me and I will make sure it's added ASAP. You can email me at christopher.paicely@patch.com or give me a call at 708-941-7105.

You also have the option of advertising on Patch using your listing. For more information on this, feel free to contact our local Ad Manager Katie Hendrickson at katie.hendrickson@patch.com.


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