2012 Year in Review: Five Great Chicago Heights Patch Stories

We're taking a look back at five key stories we published in 2012, but feel free to add to the list in our comments section!

The Bloom 206 Blazing Trojans Go to Peoria

March 16, 2012

The Bloom 206 boy's basketball team kicked off a year of incredible athletic accomplishments in Chicago Heights when they went to the Class 4A State Semifinals. The excitement surrounding the moment made for one of the best photo galleries of 2012. Team finished 4th and game home to a ton of support from the City of Chicago Heights, including a pat on the back from Mayor David Gonzalez. 

St. Kieran Fifth Grader Gives an Arm for Breast Cancer Awareness

Oct. 29, 2012

A broken wrist for Brandon Kelly became a blessing for the Homewood Cancer Support Center, as he raised hundreds of dollars by donning a pink cast and asking anyone that signed it to donate money to the organization. To cap things off, Kelly got to see his NFL rookie uncle, Dennis Kelly, play his first game with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Protecting the Earth or Just Pretending? A Fight for Credibility in the Recycling Industry

Sept. 17, 2012

Intercon Solutions in the Heights filed a defamation lawsuit the Seattle-based watchdog organization, BAN. Patch took a closer look at the courtroom clash that could spell the end of the fastest growing company in Chicago Heights. Jobs are at stake. Reputations are on the line.

Travel into the Rich History of Chicago Heights

Sep 13, 2012

One of my personal favorites of the year, I asked photojournalist Mary Compton to go around the Heights taking pictures of notable historic places. It turned into a captivating look into Compton's own experience with a city rich in culture, history and friendship. Compton great with a camera, but she's even better with people. Proof of that could be seen in the comments section of that article.

The Investigation, Sickness and Resignation of Jesse Jackson Jr.

March 2012-Nov. 2012

Possibly are most oft-reported topic of the past six months, former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. was, once again, a national household name, albeit for terrible reasons. We followed his primary election victory, his disappearance, his diagnosis and his strange campaign-free general election victory. It all ended with him resigning a couple weeks later, with a federal investigation into his campaign spending looming over his head. 

What a Year

Obviously, there were many more amazing stories in 2012.

We saw new police and fire chiefs sworn in. We saw the beginnings of an exciting and messy 2nd District congressional election race. We saw successful projects like "Minutes with the Mayor" and "Patch Talk" come to fruition. We saw Marian Catholic's baseball team become champions and Bloom 206's football team make a long-awaited returned to the playoffs.  

What were some of your favorite moments in 2012? Let us know in the comments!

Stay informed about what's going on in Chicago Heights:

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Bloom goes to playoffs in 23 years


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