St. James Hospital in the Heights Goes Green

Chicago Heights campus retrofitted 4,200 light fixtures to reduce electric consumption by 50 percent.

Franciscan St. James Health completed a lighting retrofit project at its Chicago Heights campus that involved more than 4,200 light fixtures to maintain its compliance with U.S. Department of Energy and Conservation standards.

“New technologies enabled us to rebuild existing fixtures,” said Eric Judd, Franciscan St. James Facilities Director. “Each fixture that formerly contained four T-12 florescent bulbs was replaced with two T-8 energy efficient florescent bulbs. A total of 16,000 bulbs were replaced by 8,000 bulbs”

The project was completed within 90 days.

Although the rebuilt light fixtures required half as many bulbs, it has increased light distribution by 30 per cent. As a result, Franciscan St. James has created a more comfortable environment for patients, staff and visitors.
“Because the new energy efficient T-8 bulbs also have a five-year life expectancy, light fixture maintenance costs will also decrease,” Judd said. “With this in mind, the upgraded fixtures will generate approximately $1.9 million saving over the next 10 years.”

Franciscan St. James is also a participant in the ComEd Smart Ideas for Your Business Program.

ComEd established Smart Ideas for Your Business to provide incentives for businesses and institutions to save energy and protect the environment.

As a result of the lighting retrofit project, Franciscan St. James received a $102 thousand rebate from ComEd as reward for its total commitment to energy conservation.

-Release from Michael Shepherd of Franciscan St. James Health

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kenisha Mitchell January 27, 2013 at 06:21 AM
Remember me I was born at st. James hospital in 1985. My name is kenisha valessia Mitchell.


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