Longtime St. James Volunteer Dies at 88

Florence Lueder spent over 20 years giving back to her community.

Longtime Chicago Heights volunteer Florence Lueder.
Longtime Chicago Heights volunteer Florence Lueder.

Lifelong Chicago Heights resident Florence Lueder (nee Scartozzi) died on Jan. 19 at the age of 88.

Lueder was a graduate of Bloom High School. Following her education, she found a position as an operator/supervisor for the Illinois Bell Telephone Company: Illinois Bell Pioneers. She worked there for years before retiring in 1983.

Perhaps her most impressive achievement, however, is the two decades Lueder spent as a volunteer at St. James Hospital in Chicago Heights. 

Lueder was the wife of the late Richard Lueder. She had three children and was grandmother to many more.

You can find Lueder's full obituary online.

Do you have a memory of Florence? Share it with us in the comments.


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