Food desert for Matteson

I am shocked that Mariano's nor Whole Foods purchased the soon To be closed Dominick's on Lincoln Highway leaving Matteson with fewer grocery shooing options. Aldi's and Target . The residents ofMatteson  will have to travel outside of their community to purchase quality groceries taking tax dollars out of the community . I am dumb found to why companies will not come to this portion of the south suburbs??  Any answers ?  
Kathleen Coleman December 11, 2013 at 11:55 PM
I believe that they think this area will not support an (ha ha ) up scaled store. That people here won't buy the type of food that they are selling. Don't ask me why we won't , guess they think that people of color only eat one type. I have read on other places on FB that there is a high rate ( they say 5% ) of theft. ( like they don't steal in the north shore. They forget that people in this area of Matteson, HF, OP and PF have money to spend like everyone else,some have Lots of Money. Not all spending power is only in Orland Park or Frankfort. This is such a sad state of affairs that we get nothing and have to leave our area to spend our money and watch the decline of this area.


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