Get Your Dancin' Shoes On: A Great Escape

Mokena studio is offering beginner ballroom dance lessons.

As Dancing with the Stars revives the bygone era of sophisticated and glamorous couples dancing, more adults are venturing into uncharted territory. And even if you feel more like Jerry Lewis than Ginger Rogers, everyone has to start somewhere.

While you may insist God blessed you with two left feet, Bill Davy says that's simply not true.

"There are so few people who truly have no rhythm," said the Fred Astaire Dance Studio owner. "Everything we do here is under the presumption that you know nothing."

According to Davy, 80 percent of his clientele has no dance experience and were raised on what he calls "free style" dancing. Typical moves of the "genre" include flailing of the arms and butt wiggling.

Davy recommends taking advantage of the introductory offer which includes one private and one group lesson for $25. Don't have a partner? No problem. Lessons are tailored for both singles and couples. The 25-minute private lesson focuses on improving balance and learning to lead and follow. In the group classes, new patterns are introduced and dancers are encouraged to change partners while learning the basic patterns of dances like the Waltz, Rumba, Foxtrot, Salsa and Hustle.

As skills improve, Davy takes the dance experience one step further by turning his Mokena studio into a mock dance hall, complete with disco ball and mood lighting. These practice parties are meant to build confidence and give the dancers a feel for the social dancing atmosphere.

"It helps so when they do go out [to dance] they have the experience," Davy said.

For more information or to schedule a lesson, call 708-478-5722 or go to www.fredastairemokena.com.


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