17-Year-Old Fatally Shot in Chicago Heights Park

Mikah Darko, of Chicago, is dead after a shooting near 15th and Hanover streets.

Mikah Darko, a 17-year-old Chicago man, was shot and killed in a Chicago Heights park, according to Chicago Heights police.

The shooting occurred near 15th and Hanover streets Saturday night. The man was pronounced dead on the scene, after being shot a single time, according to the report

Detectives are investigating.

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Robin Caesar Giles November 05, 2012 at 09:46 PM
I Don't Know The Young Men, But I So Sorry For Your Lost, And brinda Yes Prayer Going a Long Way, And Just Like I Said All Young Kids Is Not Bad Kids We Have Lots Of Good Kids Out There, And I Pray For Our Kids Everyday That The Lord Will Cover With His Mighty Blood, Good Kids And Bad Kids It Don't Matter,Cause Satan Is Out For Our Kids, My Prayer Is With You And The Family That The Lord Will Comfort And Heal Your Hearts Day By Day, My God Bless And Keep You And Your Family In a Time Like This So Sorry.
Robin Caesar Giles November 05, 2012 at 10:26 PM
Sharon Not Just Prayer For This Kid, But All Children Because Satan Is Working In Our Children Today, Not Just Them, But We Is In The Last Days That Why Things Is Like It Is Now, But We Can't Save Everybody But Prayer Will Help Someone That Why It Always Good To Pray Cause You Don't Know Who Will Come To Christ Just By Been Prayer For,Just Like The Word Said Every Time You Try To do Good Evil Is Always Present That The Word Of God, One Soul God Win The Devil Loss My Job Is Working For Jesus And Prayer For Other That Is Lost....God Bless.
Pat Poke November 14, 2012 at 02:03 AM
Pat We do need prayer. This is just not confined to youth. People (adults included) are being murdered on our streets every day. To those of you thatt are stating that parents should know where your children are, It's almost impossible. Micah was my nephew and I had just left him no more than 45 mins before this happen and yes it occurred at approximately between 9:30 and 10:00. He was 17 years old and it is almost impossible to know where a 17 year old is at before curfew. Think back to when you were a teen. If we all were perfect we would't have this problem. Yes, he was no angel however I would put him next to any average 17 year old and I would stake my life on it that they would be no better than he was. He was raised to be a respectalbe young man and I truly believe he was. My family thank those that are praying for us and hope that you continue to do so. It is the only thing that is sustaining us!
Reeshenna November 19, 2012 at 11:40 PM
This is a terrible situation that happened just around the corner from my home. I agree with some of the comments that were said and some are very inappropriate, my opinion. I just want for our young black men and women to come together and make a difference in the community. We have so many creative and intelligent young people in Chicago Heights! The mothers and fathers can only do so much. So these young people including myself need to take more responsibility in our actions. Take some of that negative energy and thought and put it into something that will be positive for ALL.
John62Boy November 21, 2012 at 03:10 PM
It is very sad that a young person died! But do we know how he really lived? To make judgement without all the unknown facts and unknown answers to the questions that have not been answered. We leave ourselves open to pain and despair assocated with finding out the unknown truth. Please, give this a good read. (THE FOLLOWING).... This Article speaks as if the person die as a victim (Yes) he was of is own circumstances. Lets look into the part he played. Why was he there? Mikah Darko, was from Chicago,IL and he being made out to be a innocent victim. There are three(3) other youths that are from (Chicago) allegedly charged with(Unlawful Sale or Delivery of a Firearm) and (Mob Action) all live in the same area; " so this is not that where someone happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is nothing more than a (GUN SALE) gone bad. If, Mikah Darko, was still here with us he to like those other teens would have been charged and arrested by the Police. So,there are still unanswer questions as to the whole part Mikah Darko, played into is own death. Please, hold out until the all evidence has been intered and the unknown questions have been answered. THANK YOU !!! for your reading and your comments...


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