18 Reported Injured in Halsted Bus Crash

Police called the collision a minor accident and issued no citations.

A Pace Bus collided with a car on Halsted Street Monday morning, leading to several minor injuries.

The car tried to turn in front of the 352 bus near 12th Street and ended up hitting it, causing minor damage to both vehicles. Eighteen passengers saught medical attention, though none of the injuries were severe, Pace spokesman Patrick Wilmot told Sun-Times Media.

Wilmot said things were cleared up quickly, with no delays in Pace's service. Some of the passengers were taken to St. James Hospital, according to police.

Read more by visiting the Sun-Times article "18 suffer minor injuries in Chicago Heights bus crash."

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Alison Sanders July 13, 2013 at 04:00 PM
I'm glad none of those bus passengers were seriously injured! What's disappointing is that more severe bus crashes are happening every day throughout the U.S. that result in severe injury and even fatality of passengers, all of which could be prevented if more buses were equipped with seat belts! There's legislation in the works that would require all newly manufactured buses to include seat belts, but what about the fleets of older buses that don't contain seat belts and won't ever be required to? SafeHarness is a portable safety restraint device that secures to the seats of charter buses, providing safety restraint to bus riders wherever they go! The makers of this amazing product need to get the word out and get this onto all buses in the U.S. ASAP! You can do your part to support this amazing cause by visiting the link below and sharing it with all of your friends and loved ones who ride or have ever ridden a bus. Let's get seat belts on buses everywhere! http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/safeharness-personal-portable-seatbelts-for-coach-buses?c=home


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