Ornately Decorated Knife Missing After Burglary: Police

Chicago Heights police reports, Nov. 6-7.


The Search for Vladymir

A 45-year-old Chicago Heights woman told police she received a call from someone in California, who asked for a woman named "Patty" or a man named "Vladymir." The woman told the caller she had the wrong number but received another call a short time later and heard the same request. The woman called a third time later that evening, followed by a text containing a picture of male genitalia, according to the report. 

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Stealing from Mom

A 45-year-old Chicago Heights woman told police she received a phone call from her boyfriend, who wanted to know where to find their laptop computer. After realizing the laptop was missing, the woman noticed several other items were missing as well, including a diamond ring, a gold necklace with a charm and a debit card. The woman suspected her son and checked the last transaction on the missing debit card, which took place at a Citgo on Halsted Street. Police spoke to an employee of the gas station, who described a man matching the appearance of the woman's son. The jewelry and electronics stolen were valued at more than $3,000, according to the report. 

Fancy Knife Stolen

A 34-year-old Chicago Heights woman told police someone pried open the back door of her 15th Place home and took several items from the upstairs bedrooms sometime between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Two flat-screen TVs were taken, along with a 16-inch knife with an eagle handle and hieroglyphics on the blade. The thieves also made off with a Nintendo DS, a Playstation 2 console and a mirror. The total value of the items was listed at more than $1,000, according to the report. 

"Get Them Hot Bullets"

A 20-year-old Chicago Heights woman told police a Glenwood woman she knows sent her a text message stating, "Tell Johnny don't go to his lil' cart-pushing job or he's gonna be madder." After being told to stop sending the messages, the Glenwood woman said, "All y'all can get them hot bullets," according to the police report. The woman continued sending the texts, some of which implied the victim's cousin's life was in danger. Police explained complaint procedures to the victim. 

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