Police: Accused Drunken Driver Had the 'Good Stuff'

Chicago Heights police reports, Sept. 6-7.


The Good Stuff

Creshenda L. Gaston, 36, of the 300 block of Concord Drive, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol after she was stopped near the intersection of 14th Street and Sunnyside Avenue for swerving over the traffic lines, according to the report. Gaston stopped her vehicle in the left turn lane on 14th Street, police said. Just as police exited their patrol vehicle, Gaston put her vehicle back into drive and completed the left turn onto Sunnyside before coming to a stop, according to the report. As police spoke to Gaston she said, "I know I'm drunk," according to the report. As she was taking field sobriety tests Gaston said, "I've been drinking vodka, the good stuff, Grey Goose," according to the report. 

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Drug Possession

Police arrived in the 600 block of Saratoga Drive after they were called about suspicious people in the street, according to the report. Police saw two men standing outside the residence in question, including Marquis D. Eubanks, 21, who lived at the residence. Police asked Eubanks to walk over to their squad car but he refused, according to the report. Eubanks then fled, ignoring police commands, but was taken to the ground. Police discovered a bag of marijuana near where Eubanks had been standing, according to the report. Eubanks was arrested and charged with possession of cannabis, police said.


Sylvester L. Trotter, 24, of the 400 block of Pleasant Drive in Glenwood, was arrested and charged with domestic battery after a woman he was dating told police Trotter punched her in the face. Police saw redness and swelling on the woman's face but she declined medical attention, according to the report.


A 65-year-old Chicago Heights woman told police she is trying to buy the house she lives in from her current landlord, but the landlord dropped the real estate company they were using to try and sell the woman the house outright. The woman told police the man began harassing her, showing up at different times throughout the day and night and asking for money. The woman even caught the landlord trying to pry open the back door of the home, according to the report. The man finally told the woman to cash in her pension and give him $50,000 for the house, but was not around when police arrived.

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