Police: Driver Intentionally Hits Dog and Keeps Going

Chicago Heights police reports, Sept. 23-24.


Beaten by Teens

A 29-year-old Chicago Heights man told police he was walking near the intersection of 12th Street and Center Avenue when he was approached by three to four unknown teenage men, who knocked him down, kicked him and punched him in the head. Police saw a cut on the man's lip and chin. He was treated as St. James Hospital, according to the report.

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Dog Attacked

A 28-year-old Chicago Heights man told police he was walking his dog in the 1500 block of Wallace Street when a purple Ford SUV, travelling at high speed, intentionally swerved and struck the dog. The vehicle continued northbound on Wallace, according to the report. The dog's left was injured and and covered in blood, police said. Police took the man and his dog to the South Suburban Humane Society so the dog's injuries could be further evaluated. The man told police he has seen the driver in the area several times.

Fire in Thornwood 

Police and fire officials were called to a fire at Thornwood Apartments at 7 p.m., according to the report. After the fire was extinguished the fire department determined all residents of the second floor of the building needed to evacuate, so police told the residents to leave. One of the residents told police the fire started when the grease trap over her stove fell into a pan of oil. No injuries were reported. 

Intruder Alert

A 24-year-old Chicago Heights woman told police she was standing in front of her house when she heard a commotion coming from inside. When the woman went inside, she saw a woman doing damage to her property and tried to stop her. While the two were fighting, a third woman tried to separate them, but the intruder attacked her as well, biting her on ankle. The intruder, Takisha Stenson, 24, of the 1300 block of Lincoln Avenue, was arrested and charged with two counts of battery and criminal damage to property. Stenson did damage to the woman's flat-screen TV, TV stand, surround sound stereo system and mirrors, according to the police report. The damage totalled at more than $2,500. 

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