Police: Man Used Car to Trap Ex-Girlfriend

Chicago Heights police reports, Aug. 24–25.



A 71-year-old Chicago Heights woman told police she was in the bedroom of her 24th Street home when she heard a loud boom. She looked out the window and saw two vehicles, both parked in front of an abandoned house, engulfed in flames, according to the report. The Chicago Heights Fire Department put out both fires and stated that the cause of the fire was undetermined, according to the report. Police said "unknowns used unknown means to set both vehicles on fire" in the police report.

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Car Blocked

A 30-year-old Chicago Heights woman told police her ex-boyfriend had come to her home at Thornwood Apartments to give her back her cell phone when they got into an argument. The woman got into her vehicle to get away from her ex but saw him drive his vehicle directly into hers to block her in, according to the report. After the woman told him she was calling the police, the man pulled his car away from hers, parked it and fled on foot, according to the report. After police arrived, the vehicle was towed. 

AARP Battery

A 23-year-old Chicago Heights woman told police she was walking on Otto Blvd. when a 61-year-old woman attacked her from behind, pulling her hair and dragging her on the street. The woman had scrapes on her right hand but refused medical attention, police said. Police were unable to locate her attacker, according to the report.

Counterfeit Exchange

A 47-year-old Hammond, IN man told police he was at Center Liquors when an unknown man asked him if he had change for a $20 bill. The man gave the stranger to $10 bill in exchange for the $20 bill before the two parted ways, according to the report. The man then discovered the $20 bill he received was counterfeit and turned it in to police, according to the report. 

'Borrowed' Car

A 23-year-old South Chicago Heights woman told police she let a 21-year-old Chicago Heights woman borrow her Chevy Impala on Aug. 19. Since the woman refused to return the vehicle or tell her where it was, according to the report.   

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