Portland Ave. Fire Believed Arson: Blotter

Police say the front entrance of the home seemed to be pried open.

Chicago Heights police believe a vacant property in the 1500 block of Portland Ave. was intentionally set ablaze, according to reports.

Police say the plywood boarding on the front door of the home appeared to be pried open when officers responded to the fire call on Dec. 4 just before noon.

A State Fire Marshal investigated the situation and determined that "ordinary combustibles" were found in the living room. The exact origin of the fire was not detailed in the report.
Patricia Cabello January 13, 2014 at 03:28 PM
I as a taxpayer is complaning about the alleys behind chgo road between 23rd str and 25th str. We dont have a driveway in front of our house that we have to all use the alley. I see the city did the alley east of us on the hill and west of us just west of of campbell str. We have nothing but potholes our cars are getting messed up and all we get is nothing but junk to replace the blacktop that really need to be put down. So I hope that this year we get our alley done the rite way instead of nothing but excuse my language the four letter word. Thats why I never vote for any one because whatvthey say there gonna do never gets done. And the bad part is I work for the school district n were suppose to work together I dont think so. Were just anothrr piece of stick standing in the way cuz they alreally got our vote do forget them


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