Police: Woman Loses $250 in Phone Scam

Chicago Heights police reports, Aug. 27-30.


Woman Loses $250 in Phone Scam

A 49-year-old Chicago Heights woman told police she received a phone call from an unknown man who told her because she was in good standing with her cell phone company, she would be receiving two new phones via Fed Ex. The caller then told the woman she needed to give the Fed Ex driver a certified check for $250, made out to "G-Plus" to when the package arrived, according to the report. Two days later, the package came and the woman gave the check to the driver as instructed. When the woman went inside and opened the package she found three bottles of Jordache cologne inside.

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Funny Money and Theft

An employee of Center Food and Liquors in the 200 block of Lincoln Highway told police a man in his early 40s tried to buy a bottle of Wild Irish Rose Red with a counterfeit $5 bill. After the employee told the man the bill was fake, the man asked for it back but was refused. The man then left the store with the alcohol without buying it, according to the report.

In a separate incident at Center Food and Liquors on the same night the employee told police another man entered the store and tried to buy an item with a counterfeit $1 bill, according to the report. When the employee told the man it was a fake bill, the man fled the store as well. Neither of the men were found and both bills were tagged into evidence, police said.

Soda Thief

An employee of Millennium Foods in the first block of East 16th Street told police a man between the ages of 27 and 37 entered the store, took two cases of soda and left without paying. The employee chased the man west on 16th Street then south on Euclid Avenue but eventually lost him. On the bright side, the thief did leave behind the soda during the chase, according to the report.


Phone Ransom

A 25-year-old employee of ZZ's Food Mart told police someone climbed over the store counter while he was not around and took his personal cell phone, valued at $400. The man said when he called the number to his phone a man answered asking for $75 in exchange for the phone.

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Tim F September 10, 2012 at 09:47 PM
Woman Loses $250 in Phone Scam I'm always sorry to see that happen. If someone wants to send me something that I didn't ask for, I'm sure not paying for it. Not even one cent.


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