2011 Election Unofficial Results

A frequently-updated page, showing election results as they come in.

With help from the Cook County Clerk's office, Chicago Heights Patch is bringing you the numbers, so you can see who's winning races in Chicago Heights, Olympia Fields and South Chicago Heights.

This page will only display results for contested elections.

*= All precincts reported

Chicago Heights Elections


David A. Gonzalez* 3,529 Joseph A. Faso 2,628

City Clerk

Lori Wilcox*
2,767 Ethel M. Taylor
1,159 Beverly Anne Goncher

City Treasurer

James "Jim" Dee* 3,337 Anita McLaughlin 2,421

Ward One Alderman (Write-in results not reported yet)

Robert McCoy 196 Willie J. White* 342 Arthur Wiggins Jr. (Write-in)

Ward Two Alderperson

Sonia Perez* 409 Ronald A. Lucarini 134

Ward Three Alderperson

Wanda Rodgers* 382 Kevin Perkins 259

Ward Four Alderman

Peter ''Pete'' Bartolomei 571 Josh Deabel* 669

Ward Five Alderperson

Richard J. Amadio* 656 Toni L. Spada 494

Ward Six Alderman

Vincent J. Zaranti* 956 John R. Zartuche 292

Ward Seven Alderperson

Sylvia Torres* 279 John D. Daniel, Jr. 202

Park District Commissioner Ward One

Belinda Mosby* 397 Sebastian Calvin Ghiles 195

Park District Commissioner Ward Three

Jimmy Burnett* 360 Keith L. Lott 266

Park District Commissioner Ward Four (Write-in results not reported yet)

Joseph P. Stanfa* 832 Jason Amos (Write-in)

Park District Commissioner Ward Seven (Write-in results not reported yet)

Kenneth S. Ochoa* 354 Richard T. Hummel (Write-in)

Chicago Heights School District 170 Board Member (Three Seats)

Sam J. Costello* 2,597 Norma Caratachea* 1,828 Curtis Carr* 1,773 Diane M. Smith 1,489 Kerry J. Ingram 1,444 Raphael L. Adlam 1,013

Bloom Township High School District 206 Board Member (Four Seats)

Patricia ''Pat'' Donahue* 3,199 Larry Nardoni 2,316 Robert L. Rossi* 3,221 William ''Bill'' Angell* 4,273 Donald J. Aprati* 4,322 Richard A. Karwowski 3,099 Brad E. Linthicum 2,604 David Chick 1,152 Juan D. McClellan 1,737 Margaret Burns-Westmeyer 2,159

Sandridge School District 172 Board Member (Four Seats)

Joseph Romero* 103 Donald L. Witvoet, Jr.* 101 John Hojnicki, Jr. 76 Janet Jackson* 106 Kwasi Akil Donely, Sr. 57 Kevin Pisano* 116

Flossmoor School District 161 Board Member (Three Seats)

Leah Bailey Langston* 1,697 Gregg M. Lunceford* 1,783 John Simmons* 1,385 Eric M. Turnquest 1,075 Ricardo D. Johnson 1,264 Andrew Weeks 996

Ford Heights School District 169 Board Member (Three Seats)

Ladell Jones 324 James E. Morgan 260 Wendell Franklin 260 Mark Mitchell* 343 Ester Viverette* 392 James J.J. Coleman* 398

Olympia Fields Elections

Olympia Fields Library Trustee (Three Seats)

Joan G. Braden* 505 Robert G. Pierce 436 Carolyn J. Johnson* 579 Dwight Floyd* 467

Rich Township High School District 227 (Three Seats)

Emmanuel A. Imoukhuede* 2,642 Shelia Whorton* 3,330 Gail Burks 2,235 Reginald Ford 2,203 Constance E. Means 1,528 Cheryl M. Coleman* 3,705 Shapell D. Smith 671 Delores Woods 2,395 W.A. (Tony) Brunson 1,725

Olympia Fields Park District Ballot Referendum

Yes 52 No* 758

South Chicago Heights Elections

South Chicago Heights Village Trustee

Patrick J. DeFiore (Citizens For Progress Party)* 385 Eugene ''Champ'' Fazzini (Citizens For Progress Party)* 406 Araceli ''Sally'' Marrufo (Citizens For Progress Party)* 380 Annamarie Christofanelli (Independent) 310

Township and Community College Elections

Prairie State Community College District 515 Trustee (Three Seats)

Brunetta Hill-Corley* 8,426 Marc A. Wiley* 7,586 Larry D. Bledsoe 6,744 David Maine 5,492 Tawanna L. Carr-Easter 5,429 Anthony De La Pena 6,054 Charles Dieringer, Jr. 3,364 Wendell Mosby* 8,150

Bloom Township Trustee of Schools 35N, Range 14E

Cicely Barber* 11,987 Phillip Lincenberg 6,627

Scott April 06, 2011 at 01:40 AM
Gonzales threatened the city workers with their jobs , aren't you glad the general public are as sharp as a spoon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David April 06, 2011 at 02:41 PM
No one has ever presented actual evidence of this rumor, and if they had evidence they should've brought it to a court, since such action would be illegal. But nobody did, so I think it is a rumor. I know someone who works for the city and she said she's never been told by anyone who to vote for or that she should volunteer for someone's campaign. (and I'm not really a gonzalez supporter. I just hate false rumors)
Torria Johnson April 06, 2011 at 02:50 PM
Congratulations to all the winners! It was great (briefly) campaigning with you Cicely...look me up when you need a "communications writer". Best of luck to all.
Mia Wallace April 07, 2011 at 01:00 PM
Aren't most city workers in some sort of a union? I doubt people are threatening you...and besides when you go in the voting booth, only you and God knows your vote. Sad rumors :(


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