2nd District Candidate Cliff Eagleton Decries the Power of Money

Eagleton points out what he perceives as a major flaw in election campaigning.

On Monday, Feb. 11, I met Cliff Eagleton at his campaign office in Harvey.

Eagleton is a longtime business owner that has a bone to pick with the campaigning process, and he spent a good portion of our interview expressing his distain for the power of money as it relates to winning elections.

Visit Cliff Eagleton's candidate profile on Patch to watch his speech about the 2nd District.

Key Issues

Fairness and Equality

Eagleton is all about everyone getting a fair shake. He spoke at length about all men being create equal, stating that should be true even if one man is born with a "$10 billion silver spoon in his mouth" and another is born in to abject poverty. 


Eagleton said education should not be an issue in this election and that education is too often labeled the root cause of all other problems. He criticized the No Child Left Behind Act for causing more problems in the educational system. 

Noteworthy Quotes

"What I would hope is that they would look at what people stand for and they would vote for the individual that they have confidence would go to congress and honorably, honestly, with straight talk, represent them ... If they did that, I would hope that they would say, 'You know that guy that does not speak too well publicly is the guy we want to represent us.'" - On his hopes for this election.

The Takeaway

Eagleton touts himself as a representative of the people in this election. Several voters may agree with his belief that money should not decide who can best serve the 2nd District.

On the other hand, ideals and realities tend to differ when it comes to politics. Acknowledging that something is wrong does not typically cause it to stop happening. 

What do you think? Has Cliff Eagleton convinced you to vote for him? Tell us in the comments!

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