Candidate Claims GSU Excluded Him From Forum: 2nd District Race

Homewood attorney Earnest B. Fenton says GSU failed to acknowledge his confirmation for last week's forum.

2nd District congressional candidate and Homewood attorney Earnest B. Fenton says he was not allowed to participate in a Feb. 7 candidate forum at Governors State University (GSU). According to a statement from Fenton, GSU failed to recognize his confirmation of attendance.

"GSU is a public tax payer institution, none of the political candidates should be barred from participating,” Fenton’s Campaign Manager David Anderson said in a release. “Also, we have records of the calls to GSU confirming our attendance,”

Despite his claims to have been excluded from the event, Fenton attended last week’s forum, anyway.

"I don't know how to react to this except to say that this is Chicago politics in the works,” Fenton said in a release. "I am not going to let this sway my momentum.”

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CHARLES RAYBURN was the only candidate in attendance at the GSU candidates' forum that had the COURAGE to insist that GSU, stick to the rules that they established, to preserve their credibility and because of the unlawful activity that occurred at Rich Central, (a public high school). Team Rayburn called GSU before hand and was told that there would be no exceptions to the estabilished. Candidate Fenton, as well as the other "Privilaged" (5) including Kelly, Halverson, Toi, and Beale; ALL arrived LATE, after the 5:45pm cut off deadline; dripping wet from the rain. Beale was the only one that admitted he was late; however they all refused to ask the candidates on time, if we objected to their participation. If these candidates had acknowledged our rights, Mr. RAYBURN would have NOT objected to their participation; but they, with the exception of Beale, continued to lie.(more to come) Mr. Fenton has no right to complain about not being allowed to participate in the GSU forum; because even if his paper work was properly submitted in time, he did not arrive on time, which still disqualified him. (more to come) Team Rayburn has brought the FCC violations of all of the media outlets that air candidate Fenton's radio shows to light by requesting EQUAL TIME or that his shows be discontinued. All of the radio stations have failed to respond. TEAM RAYBURN has done the same as it relates to candidate Lenny McCalister, and the McCalister Minute. We now ask you to do the same.
Mustang February 12, 2013 at 07:46 PM
TEAM RAYBURN, just tell us where you stand on the important issues in the 2nd district....more to come???
Good Afternoon Mustang; you have my undivided attention until 3:15pm. Which important issues would you like for me to address? As your next congressman it will be my job to vote the intrest of my constituents that have expressed concerns related to specific topics. It will also be my job to explain the pros and cons of voting the way that they want me to vote. If they have over looked something in coming to their final decision, then hopefully I will be able to show them why what they want to implement just simply won't work.
Veronica February 22, 2013 at 11:27 PM
I must let the reading public know what transpired at the forum last night at St. John. A gentleman was troubled over an incident with his child. In his question he noted that he was having a problem etc. Anthony W. Williams offered to help him stating he didn't have to wait until being elected. No one else stood up to offer this man assistance until AFTER Anthony W. Williams, a true public servant, volunteered. Before casting your vote, please visit www.voteanthonywwilliams.com and compare the others to someone who does not remain silent on the issues, the candidate who will not be bought, the candidate who the majority of candidates said they would vote for if they themselves were not running, and the man who will bring the seat back to the people, Anthony W. Williams; brought pension tampering to light and 40k retirees got refunds, helped the late Rocky Clark keep insurance, Robbins library to stay open to the public, fought unfairness in jobs and contracts and against front companies. Will call for a moratorium on foreclosures and high energy costs, expungements for non violent felons and much more visit website and compare. This is who our votes should be cast for. A man who has been helping people for years because he is a servant of the people. Williams is the candidate the majority of candidates said they would vote for if they themselves were not running. God bless you Mr. Anthony Williams. I hope all see your worth and the benefit of you in office. God bless


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