Candidate Claims Media Misrepresented Statements on Jesse Jackson Jr.

Jackson's opponent, Marcus Lewis, says his comments on mental disorders were misunderstood.

A candidate in the general election for the Second District Congressional seat said Chicago Heights Patch misinterpreted his comments about incumbent Jesse Jackson Jr.

Independent candidate Marcus Lewis recently told Patch the news of Jackson's bipolar disorder diagnosis .

In these comments, Lewis seemed to cite an example of how the public would react if it learned the president of the United States had such a disorder, but Lewis claims he was not referring to a president in his example, but rather a candidate for president.

"You wrote it wrong," Lewis said. "I was talking about a person running for office, not someone already in office. I was talking about Jackson as a candidate, not as a Congressman. He's mental. He's unelectable. People should be able to use that information to make an informed decision."

Lewis referenced Thomas Eagleton's short-lived 1972 vice presidential candidacy. Eagleton resigned from the Democratic ticket after it was revealed he suffered from depression.

"He dropped out of the race because of mental health issues," Lewis said. "They knew it would hurt them."

While times have changed, Lewis said he believes Jackson's diagnosis should still factor into voters' decision.

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Marcus Lewis August 26, 2012 at 06:02 PM
Hello Jason,  I will answer your queries as you asked them... 1.  Auditing the FED... Absolutely! 2.  The NDAA...  This needs to be drawn downward.. Pres. Obama signed the Act iinto law 12/31/11 and the Act authorizes $662 billion in funding among other things "for the defense of the United States and it's interests abroad.  But debt load we are carrying and the suffering of our citizens, this 1/4 can be used to fund a massive jobs program and shore up Social Security.  A lot of this $662 was not even "asked" for nor wanted by the Pentagon.  We must realign our priorities and face facts that yes we must protect our shores and interests abroad other countries must pony up their share as our financial/social house must be brought back into balance.
Marcus Lewis August 26, 2012 at 06:03 PM
3.Gun Control...The U.S. Supreme Court said that we have the right to bear arms, repeating the 2nd Amendment, but as with any right there " MUST" be repsonsibility.  We see 30-40 shootings every week in Chicago alone. This is ungodly and madness!  The only remedy is yes you have the right to bear arms, but not the right to possess ammunition.  The truth of the matter is with the trend of what was lawful citizens now some are taking leave of there senses and taking firearms in hand and shooting people thus becoming criminals.  The loss of life must be preserved here.  As with a great line in the movie ' Spiderman 1', "With great power comes great responsibility." The Court gave NO guidance for the responsibility part.  I will take that step.  I will file bills to raise or tax the ammunition so onerously that we will have the 'Barney Fife Rule".  Ammunition will be very expensive for the citizens of America.  Bullets are just too cheap to buy.  We need to focus on saving lives not just being so overly idolizing the gun.  This is my view.. But we must get responsible and this is the best compromise I can think of.  You can still bear the arms just the bullets will be expensive.. Even Assoc. Jeustice said we may have to revisit the gun issue and that issue is the bullet. 
Marcus Lewis August 26, 2012 at 06:07 PM
Assoc. Justice Scalia statement.
Marcus Lewis August 26, 2012 at 06:11 PM
4. Drone Use in the United States... I understand the use of the drone for monitoring the country as it probably does this now.  We have cameras practically everywhere outside of bathrooms and changing rooms, all public areas.  But I would have problems if the drone was used to be fired upon Americans in the country at any time if we are not at war here on our shores.
Marcus Lewis August 26, 2012 at 06:25 PM
I and a witness heard you say what I have repeated here. And I did not start this the Jackson's and Taylor started this. I stand on my statement here and the emailed information to the FBI.
James Taylor August 26, 2012 at 06:48 PM
chicagoheightsmike, yes still ride the bike but not as much. Was sick for a while and didn't risk it. Wife and I do still ride and are going to Indian Lake later this summer for a few days rest and relaxing. Hope you watch those crazy car drivers when you are ridding.
Joe Lake August 27, 2012 at 02:22 AM
Email to the FBI dated Aug. 1, 2012. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ILCD2ndDistrict/message/4 Joe Lake, Chicago
Christopher Paicely (Editor) August 27, 2012 at 02:32 AM
Hello all, Just an FYI on posting the kinds of comments that are appearing on this article: Anyone can make an accusation and file a complaint with the FBI or any other law enforcement organization. Whether that accusation is credible and whether wrongdoing can be proven is entirely another matter. Mr. Lewis chose to share his information in an open forum. He has not publicly offered hard evidence to back up these claims. The FBI usually does not publicly confirm or deny whether it's investigating any matter brought to the agency.
Marcus Lewis August 27, 2012 at 02:30 PM
With all due respect you are missing the point. It is a FELONY to lie to an agent or file a false report to the FBI period. I have released James Taylor's email he sent to me describing Sandi Jackson has summoned him to come to her home the next day. I have given you my testimony of the events surrounding what Taylor told me with a witness listening in on the call Taylor made to me for one hour how he (Taylor) had been solicited by both Sandi & Jesse Sr. with $25,000 & $15,000 dollars to refrain writing further stories on my campaign. How did we find out all this Taylor told us himself glowingly. When Dane Plako of Fox News came to interview me I told him what I have said here. When he called Taylor on the phone, Taylor said he can neither confirm nor deny the allegations. But when Plako traveled out to personally interview Taylor he said it did not happen. Taylor changed his story by his denial and then to publish it without a public allegation was putting the cart before the horse. At this stage, I am showing you someone is lying and it isn't me. I am ready to serve the people starting January 3rd, 2013.
Marcus Lewis August 28, 2012 at 03:17 AM
No, because ONLY YOU were the one that is the subject of being solicited by Sandi Jackson & Jesse Jackson Sr.. Thanks for telling us all about what you and the Jackson's were doing.
BUTCH August 28, 2012 at 04:55 AM
Good for u we need a rep who is not owned by the banksters and do something that will he;p the 2nd dist like a real min wage $12 a hr to start and stabilize the real estate and abandoned homes by restoring Glass Siegle that is not sexy enough for the low info voters on this blog who don't have a clue how Sr & JR sold their soul to the SAME scummed investors that ROMNEY did in the origins of BAIN. IT BEGAN WITH GUS SAVAGE and the GOP MAYOR of HW and BLOOM CO leader the BANKSTERS SOUTH SUBURBAN own MANNY HOFFMAN,if u were one of them u would be better known, JR is the rep of all the mentals in the region especially those who don't take their med's and believe they know something about politics with the exception of the DRONES and other issues raised by Jason all this bs proves there is rampant mental illness in this dist, i would like to ask what do you think about the NUCLEAR INDUSTRY and their policy of disposal of the rods on the roof of the reactor? if you are down wind which we are the fact that the FED'S quit approving licenses for NUKE REACTOR CONSTRUCTIONS because of FUKISHIMA and the disposal problems the silence has been as quiet as ROMNEY S DOG, HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A GUINEA PIG MAYBE THAT'S WHY JR is in MINN?
Joe Lake August 28, 2012 at 05:06 AM
All the information in the email to the FBI dated Aug. 1, 2012 is from the words of James Taylor, Editor City News, in a telephone conversation heard by Marcus Lewis and Joe Lake, Chicago, prior to Aug. 1, 2012. James Taylor said 'I've got this check for $25,000 from the Jackson Campaign and I showed it it to my lawyer. My lawyer said you are not an elected official, it's not a bribe and you can keep it.' James Taylor said 'and I'm going to keep it.' Everything in the FBI email is from the words of James Taylor during that same telephone conversation. James Taylor admitted to doing anther action during the same telephone conversation, and that he knew that action was illegal. That is not in the public FBI email. Joe Lake, Chicago
NotBuyingIt August 28, 2012 at 09:34 PM
I like Butch!! Big thumbs up to Butch!!! Sometimes I go up on the roof to play with the rods (that's NOT code for anything) and pretend to be Butch!!!
BUTCH August 28, 2012 at 10:43 PM
Your why they have misinfo and disinformation on Blogs and in the Media we have no representation in the people's house they are all on the take by their apparent nemesis, Jr is the candidate of HYMIETOWN not NY but AIPAC, that's what SR said so he would not offend Rev Elijah Muhammad who is not fooled but plays the game
BUTCH August 29, 2012 at 04:52 AM
not buying u are either a TOTAL CLIMATE DENIER moron or from beyond DRACO your attempt at humor on your roof rods are as hysterical as the entire NUCLEAR industries SOLUTION OF DISPOSING NUCLEAR SPENT RODS on the roofs of the reactor because there is no where else to put them our NRC and the JAPANESE equivalent has allowed the NUKE industry to store the RODS in reactors on fault lines and in dangerous waters where CLIMATE CHANGES are breeding super TSUNAMI'S moron We have right down the road few of them in Will and Minooka which are near some very volatile tornado alleys, has any candidate anywhere addressed the issue and the fact the NRC no longer licenes any new construction of them after what happened in Japan continued below
NotBuyingIt August 29, 2012 at 04:19 PM
Butch, are you related to eric???
BUTCH August 29, 2012 at 04:35 PM
sorry am related to a Erin and go Bragh but no Eric is he the Eric that signed off on the other blog who explains to the masses the diverse sexuality and computers
James Taylor August 29, 2012 at 07:55 PM
We at the City News would like to thank the people at Chicago Heights Patch for the exposure as we have gotten more sales in the Chicago Heights and University Park area in the past weeks than ever before. We are going to publish a special feature on the Marcus Lewis story in the next edition. We will tell what we learned that caused us to suspend our intended endorsement of candidate Lewis. James Taylor
Joe Lake August 29, 2012 at 08:05 PM
Gotta earn that $40,000 from the Jackson Campaign? Joe Lake, Chicago
Marcus Lewis August 29, 2012 at 08:34 PM
"Ba careful who you come in contact with those that has a smiling faces but who was sent to undermine you in reality". Meanness and vindettas are becoming the thing of choice for one City News Editor & defeated Republican Nominee James Taylor. He has been throughly exposed for taking $40,000 from Sandi & Jesse Sr. and he has to "earn" his keep by showing he will do or say absolutely anything except TELL THE TRUTH. Tell the truth James Taylor! We have shown YOUR emails of your meeting with Sandi Jackson and Jesse Sr was there at her home. There is a witness that listened to every word YOU said in showing your lawyer the $25,000 dollar check and told you could keep it and you said you were going to keep it! Another $15,000 came from Jesse Sr., how do we know? YOU told us Taylor! And the witness heard you tell him so he sent word via email to the your conversation to the FBI! Now you are out done and instead of owning up to your continued denials you want to use your publication to do what? Try to defame my character?! You will hear from my lawyer. This campaign to help the common families of the 2nd District will NOT be intimidated! We will win because common people know that the incumbentt's time is done and his wife's as well should she replace him on the ballot. WE THE PEOPLE of the 2nd District are not dumb. CHANGE is on the ballot and that CHANGE AND HELP FOR THE PEOPLE IS MARCUS LEWIS! VOTE FOR ME ON NOV. 6th, 2012.
Marcus Lewis August 29, 2012 at 08:58 PM
You learned that you messed up in front of Sandi Jackson (Jesse Jr 's Campaingn Manager) & Jesse Sr. and you found out you were dealing with an honest man here. I will tell the truth and I will not be bought off, period. That is what you have learned. This will be refreshing when I am elected Congressman of the 2nd District. The common people are rejoicing right now! For them I am elated.
Marcus Lewis August 29, 2012 at 09:16 PM
We have made the email to the FBI available here for all to see. It is a FELONY to lie to an agent or make a false report to the FBI with a minimum of 5 years in prison and a fine of $250,000 dollars. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ILCD2ndDistrict/message/4 We are transparent. That's how I will run our office when I am elected The new Congressman of the 2nd District of Illinois on Nov. 6th, 2012. We have been through enough corruption from the incumbent. It is time for some FRESH AIR.
BUTCH August 30, 2012 at 12:07 AM
is this a brothers peeing contest? what is Lewis position on the NUKES and disposal of the fuel rods a few miles WEST of here ? Anyone running for a national office should have knowledge on more than the operations and outlandish mandate and burden the congress has put on future retirees most of whom are VET'S which the bought and sold T Party have huge UPS holdings want to take over led by a unindicted corrupt congressmen and draft dodging scum T party reformer in the den of thieves aka CONGRESS. Transparency is meaningless like Shameless and lock box. What is true on the current wannabe's is none of the above NONE would come close to MEL or a lady of color he beat Alice Palmer JR would have been exposed as a tainted and flawed candidate in a one on one fair contest as well as disoriented and confusing human being -That's why he is one of the HYMIE TOWN -AIPAC Prosty's among the many in congress.
Marcus Lewis August 30, 2012 at 12:19 AM
Remember, all politics is local.
BUTCH August 30, 2012 at 01:54 PM
Mr Lewis radiation contamination is something u should look into when or immediately after u are sworn in. In the new paradigm of austerity it is past time to look at the tax evasions and schemes of churches in every community and denomination rather than the deep cuts to MEDICAID and or MEDICARE why don't every member of Congress sign onto the one idea the TPARTY nitwits have AUDIT the PENTAGON while also scrutinize the the proliferation and services provided by all churches and denominations signing AMAZING GRACE is no justification for avoiding taxes, if a church is doing the Lord's beatitudes not just proselytizing serving the poor and providing essentials and shelters in bad weather such as pads it is justifiable and essential but like the PENTAGON an audit is in order then to continue the austerity and we are all in it together have the looters in congress Dem and T PARTY justify the waste that the congress spends for it's cravings as well as needs, I think this is local and not high info for u
BUTCH August 30, 2012 at 02:01 PM
Mr Lewis do u have any PROFILES in COURAGE" SHOW backbone and stop by allowing store front and non existant churches to operate- in a T PARTY government the only perks will be left in government will be for the Plutocrats of the T PARTY If you make it by some miracle and not a stalking horse or deep pocket wannabe begin a campaign to have every DEM-PROGRESSIVE in congress sign a pledge similar to the CONTRACT on MURKA and the one the Traitors gave and give to GROVER your pledge will actually cut waste and fraud by eliminating the non essential perks enjoyed by the looters in congress if the store front ministers are doing their share the looting has to be cut also.
BUTCH September 04, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Everyone with a pulse Is 79th St Chatham in the 2nd Dist? Why do unscrupulous humanoids running for congress never mention the most pressing issue for all the LOCALS? BANGERS-DRUGS and public safety! Is this why these humanoids who lack courage and morals are running to get away from the KILLING FIELDS?? CALL ME HOPELESS I CALL U ALL OSTRICHES! Where is the outrage ? are we all this jaded and brain dead? \ It is past time to mobilize the 99% of concerned citizens ministers and all other tax dodgers to inform the WH -STOP the wars on TERROR -DRUGS and OIL for the Cheney family, WHY are they not on trial for war crimes instead of not orchestrating the Zionist LOG-CABIN TPARTY. attacks on the oldest Christians on the Planet and the Muslims? if f 99% of the PEOPLE of color are for the PRESIDENT I would assume IT WOULD BE EASY TO LEVERAGE this for Jobs and to protect their lives and families all over the region by calling the WH and urge the Pres issue a exec order to STOP THE KILLINGS by legalizing drugs the WH is aware it would raise more than 70 BILLION ANNUALLY enough to finance a jobs program like high speed RR and plenty more.
Marcus Lewis November 02, 2012 at 07:11 PM
My campaign is piercing through decades of no action for this district that have stunted the forward progress for the residents of the former district borders. Just look at the Villages of Harvey, Dixmoor, Phoenix, Robbins, Riverdale to name just a few. The Chicago Southeast-side is left abandon and left to fend for itself which is why I am running to bring this Jackson-style of governing to a screeching halt! So I know the newly added counties of Will & Kankakee will feel relief with Marcus Lewis at the helm not only will receive the Love, Care, Concern & Resources they are due but the entire district! I hope the residents and voters of the entire district will come to believe that the era of Jesse Jackson Jr. will come to an end on Nov. 6th, 2012 because they voted for Marcus Lewis in mass. I am here to help and will put all of my efforts with the backing of the U.S. Government behind rebuilding the areas hardest hit first because the need is so great. But every area will get the focused attention they deserve. So stand with me now 2nd District. We must roll up our sleeves and sit down together and get to work and put in action plans that you will see positive steps that we mean business on picking up ourselves and getting back our identity. We matter and I am going to show the state and country that the 2nd District is a player in the larger scheme of things positive. BUT FIRST THINGS FIRST, VOTE FOR MARCUS LEWIS FOR CONGRESS ON NOV.6TH!
Marcus Lewis November 10, 2012 at 06:51 AM
I was right. I told the truth. http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2012/11/09/former-u-s-prosecutor-negotiating-plea-deal-for-jackson-jr/
Bobby Breeze December 14, 2012 at 01:54 AM
Elected Official???? Coming from you, that is deplorable. You are as fraudulant as they come. Show us your "Degree" from Lewis University. Produce a check stub from the Sheriff., heard you got fired.... Inform us on your paternity suit you refuse to pay child support on. Where do you live again? Go away Marc Wiley. Your game is very close to exposure. You are a joke!


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