City Hands Animal Control Duties to Local Shelter

The South Suburban Humane Society will now handle the Heights' animal control issues.

The City of Chicago Heights approved a $25,000 animal control contract with the South Suburban Humane Society (SSHS) during Monday night's meeting. The decision comes following the retirement of the city's former inspector of 30 years.

"We needed an expert to take over,” Mayor David Gonzalez said. "The Humane Society gave us the best offer. They will provide round-the-clock service for calls involving domestic animals such as dogs and cats.” 

Now, when the police get calls concerning domestic animal control issues, they will be able to dispatch the information to SSHS. 

"... The humane society’s duties will be to capture the animal and transport it to their facility,” Chicago Heights Police Chief Charles Guiliani said. "The Humane Society will now take custody of the dog and handle everything from this point forward."

Corporation Counsel Thomas J. Somer says SSHS is already well-equipped for the role.

“They actually write the citations," Somer said. "They go to court, and they testify in court. They’re all over it.”

Any residents who may have an animal control issue should call the police hotline at 708-756-6400.

Want to learn more? Visit the City of Chicago Heights website.


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