David Gonzalez Will Be the Next Mayor of Chicago Heights

The mayor-elect will be sworn in this May.

The Chicago Heights elections saw plenty of controversy, from accusations of electioneering and voter fraud during the early voting period to both mayoral candidates filing lawsuits against each other.

In the end, David Gonzalez came out on top, scooping up more than 3,500 votes in the first contested mayoral election in Chicago Heights since 2003. Gonzalez defated his opponent, Joseph Faso, by more than 900 votes, unofficially. 

The mayor-elect's celebrated the victory at Reflections in Chicago Heights Tuesday night.

"It was a great victory," Gonzalez said. "We put a message out to residents. They listened to the message and they believe in the vision that we have. Not just myself, but all of my candidates from the Unity Party, and I'm just very proud to be representing the residents of Chicago Heights from this point forward."

Gonzalez also discussed what his No. 1 priority will be when he takes office in May.

"First on my agenda is to put a transition team together to see the condition of the city, where the city's at," Gonzalez said. "And then we're going to go ahead and start tackling the problems. The number one priority is crime and drugs in the city of Chicago Heights."

Joseph Faso has declined to comment at this time, but said he would address the election results on Wednesday. 

Tempers flared late in the race as the Faso's campaign released video ads and mailers that accusing David's brother, Albert Gonzalez, of selling cocaine out of the CPA's accounting firm. The ads also ask if Gonzalez would sell drugs out of city hall, if elected. Gonzalez has pursued a slander lawsuit against Faso for the accusations. Faso has filed a countersuit.

Most of the city officials elected Tuesday ran alongside Gonzalez as members of the Unity Party of Chicago Heights, with the exception of Integrity Party member Josh Deabel who was elected to replace Faso as Fourth Ward Alderman.

According to the unofficial results, this will be the new Chicago Heights City Council:

Mayor - David A. Gonzalez

City Clerk - Lori Wilcox

City Treasurer - James "Jim" Dee

Ward One - Willie J. White

Ward Two  - Sonia Perez

Ward Three - Wanda Rodgers 

Ward Four - Joshua Deabel

Ward Five - Richard J. Amadio

Ward Six  - Vincent J. Zaranti

Ward Seven  - Sylvia Torres

Additional reporting by Patch contributor Mary Compton.

Susan Paus April 09, 2011 at 04:03 PM
WOW! OK I agree w/ Christopher P, and also Yeah Winston, why'd u even say "Unity" momentum, anyhow? Just say momentum / good momentum, if u must add a word to it. You keep going on and on about this party.. Didn't you (or someone on here!) say to "forget politics and just move forward" don't keep harping on how great yr party is and how they won, blah, blah
JuanRaymon April 11, 2011 at 02:09 AM
Winston, DAVID!, ur dumb if you think you won by a wide majority. I will always love this city and can't wait to get on the political scene to fight your SICK corrupt mind. I should've helped Faso more i'm disgusted by what you've done to our city. 900 votes is all you won by, and that low turnout is higher than average. Do what you've promised or you'll be outta here in FOUR years!!!
The Future April 11, 2011 at 11:41 AM
The Future April 11, 2011 at 11:52 AM
I would like to say that school district 170 (pre-k thru 8th grade) is getting better every day! There are so many positive things happening now its unreal! Its easy to make a school district the target of a towns shortcomings but if you are on the inside you could see the great job the people are doing there from the board to the superintendant on down! ISAT requirments are being met, athletics are thriving and becoming a driving force in academic motivation! When critisizing a city dont always attack the school districts, our schools are filled with kids that want a better life and that want to be a part of something they can be proud of....so lets all try to set good examples. Have a great week!
The Future April 11, 2011 at 11:58 AM
I happen to know both Joey Faso and Dave Gonzalez personally, although Joey's campaign took an ugly turn and Dave returned the favor in a defensive mechanism type situation, both men are good men. They both care about the city and are strong family people. If anyone thinks for one second that either man wants to hurt the city and not help it you are wrong. Lets all wait and see and try to do our part to make chicago heights a better place.


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