Election 2012: How Many Chicago Heights Residents Voted for Jesse Jackson Jr.?

Precinct by precinct, see how many of your neighbors supported the congressman by sending him their vote.

Despite his absence from the district, Jesse Jackson Jr. won 15 out of 19 voting precincts that cover the City of Chicago Heights in Tuesday's election, according to data released Wednesday from the county clerk's office. 

Jackson won many of the precincts by 200 or more votes, with Republican candidate Brian Woodworth coming in second in most cases. 

The few exceptions were the polling locations at Greenbriar School, Highland School, Marian Catholic High School and St. Paul's Lutheran Church, where Woodworth beat out Jackson. 

Lewis' best showing in Chicago Heights was at Bloom Township Hall, where he got more than 100 votes. 

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The following is a break down of voting by Bloom Township Chicago Heights precincts for all the general election candidates for the Second District Congressional seat.

Patch will continue looking at Cook County voting precinct numbers to shed light on other races and voter turnout in the coming days.

Total Chicago Heights Precinct Votes

  • Jesse Jackson, Jr. (Democrat): 6,181
  • Brian Woodworth (Republican): 2,699
  • Marcus Lewis (Indendent): 1,268
Precinct Jesse Jackson Jr. (D) Brian Woodworth (R) Marcus Lewis (I) Bloom 3 459 200 104
Bloom 4 462 70 68 Bloom 6 371 7 25 Bloom 12 412 147 75 Bloom 25 313 105 66 Bloom 35 326
118 79 Bloom 39 433
52 62 Bloom 42 311
98 71 Bloom 46 334
80 56 Bloom 51 264
27 32 Bloom 52 563
9 34 Bloom 54 266
232 68 Bloom 56 183
268 65 Bloom 57 276
253 86 Bloom 58 312
87 58 Bloom 59 252
122 72 Bloom 61 226
262 88 Bloom 62 228
90 Bloom 63 190

SOURCE: Cook County Clerk's Office

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Marcus Lewis November 14, 2012 at 02:56 AM
On Nov. 6th, 2012, 38,733 voters saw me as the right man for Congress. Let's make it all the way on April 9th, 2013 VOTE FOR MARCUS LEWIS FOR CONGRESS "IT'S TIME" www.marcuslewisforcongress2012.org
James Taylor November 14, 2012 at 03:29 AM
If in fact there is another election in the 2nd District, I plan to seek that office as a Republican. I believe that none of those seeking the office have been able to fully address the important issues facing the district and that once the voters are presented with facts and not a series of insults against the other candidates, my being a Republican won't be a primary issue.
Marcus Lewis November 14, 2012 at 07:49 PM
Hello 2nd District, and a special greeting to the 38,733 that voted for me, I thank you. The phrase for the day is: "GET SMART" VOTE FOR MARCUS LEWIS FOR CONGRESS APRIL 9TH, 2013 www.marcuslewisforcongress2012.org
NotBuyingIt November 15, 2012 at 03:42 AM
"Get Smart"?!?!? I used to love that show!!! Forget it Marcus... You don't have a chance in hell... You are wholly unqualified to represent even yourself let alone the 2nd district. You garnered 13% of the vote in the election. The people that voted for you had NO idea who you really are and clearly only voted for you because your name was not JJJ... You are a self-absorbed charlatan who is running to line your pockets with taxpayer dollars. You have shown yourself to be a petty, small-minded buffoon and not worthy of holding public office anytime anywhere.
Marcus Lewis November 15, 2012 at 04:05 AM
The time is right now for my candidacy. 38,733 voters thought so and believed as I do. Clearly, if you want real change to come to this blighted district run by crooks, thieves & sex addicts you MUST choose someone different... And that person whether you like me or not is Marcus Lewis.


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