Halvorson Accuses New York Mayor of Trying to Buy 2nd District Race

2nd District congressional candidate Debbie Halvorson is returning fire on New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg after his super PAC ran an attack ad criticizing her previous support from the NRA.

2nd District candidate Debbie Halvorson is accusing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg of trying to “buy an election in Illinois,” after his political action committee ran a television ad attacking Halvorson for her previous A rating from the NRA, the Chicago Tribune reports. Unlike most of her 2nd District race counterparts, Halvorson does not support Obama’s gun ban.

Bloomberg’s new Independence USA super PAC is known for supporting the election or defeat of legislators depending on their likelihood to help fuel an aggressive anti-gun agenda, according to the National Journal.

Obviously Mayor Bloomberg and his billions have decided he wants to come buy an election in Illinois. It's quite over the top. I think it's probably done wonders not only for my name ID but the support people have for me. —Chicago Tribune

2nd District candidate Cliff Eagleton (D) came to the side of Halvorson in a press release today, calling Bloomberg’s super PAC a “grave danger to our democracy.”

“The threat of big money advertisement and groundless attacks places a chill on open discussion of the real issues,” Eagleton said in a release. “If any candidate steps forward with worthwhile ideas, will he be the next to be struck down by some ‘super PAC’ ad determined to influence the election for their own privilege and power?”

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Arthur W. Wiggins Jr. February 07, 2013 at 04:02 PM
Now if THAT does not look suspicious...
Joe Lake February 07, 2013 at 04:19 PM
What does Dave Letterman say about Shorty coming into the IL 2nd Congressional District race? Joe Lake, Chicago


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