Jackson Has Obama's Support, But Rahm? Not So Sure

U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s campaign says Mayor Emanuel is supporting them. Emanuel won't say either way.

While Jesse Jackson Jr. may have named Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel as a supporter in his bid to keep his 2nd District congressional seat, Emanuel declined to say who he is supporting.

Emanuel, a former U.S. representative, said Jackson is a former colleague and friend.

But Emanuel also owned up to having helped "recruit" Jackson's opponent, Debbie Halvorson, and said he served with her in Congress as well, according to Crain's Chicago Business.

"There will be a time and a place when I will make a statement," Emanuel said to reporters about endorsements. That time isn't today, he added.

Despite an ambiguous statement from Emanuel, Jackson's campaign says it will continue to use the mayor's name because it has permission and expects to hear official confirmation later.

Barack Obama's 2012 campaign already announced the president's support for Jackson in November of 2011, according to NBC Chicago.


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