Joe Faso: 'I'm Glad It's Over'

After giving up his seat as Fourth Ward Alderman to run for mayor, Faso talks about what's next.

After losing in a heated Chicago Heights mayoral race Tuesday, Joseph Faso could say one thing with confidence.

"I'm glad its over," he said. "I'm glad I tried. David won."

Faso said he called Gonzalez to congratulate him as well.

"I called him yesterday [Wednesday] morning," Faso said. "I left word at his office. I left him a note of congratulations and said 'I hope you do what's best for the city.'"

Gonzalez told the Southtown Star he had not received the message.

When Faso decided to run for the mayor's office, he also gave up his seat as Fourth Ward Alderman, a seat he has held for eight years. But the Chicago Heights business owner said he has no plans to return to politics.

"I'm just going to lay back and watch," Faso said. "I had eight good years. I enjoyed it. I don't know if I'm done, but I kind of think I'm done."

Faso also addressed the accusations of electioneering and his call for City Hall to be closed to early voting.

"We thought we did good at the polls, but when you add in the early voting and absentees... We thought they were ahead by the way they were doing things," Faso said. "But I don't want to cry about it. It is what it is. I enjoyed my time as an alderman."

Faso said he will supports his fourth ward replacement, who ran as an Integrity Party member.

"I'm happy with Josh Deabel, the kid who took my place," Faso said. "I'm proud of my team. I'm sorry we only got one person elected."

Unity Party of Chicago Heights members won all of the city council seats, as well as the positions of city clerk and treasurer, which were chosen by the people for the first time.

Regarding Mayor-elect Gonzalez, Faso said he's got a tough job ahead of him.

"If he keeps all his promises he'll be fine," he said. "No matter who ended up mayor, they were going to have a lot of work, to be mayor of a city with no money."

Ramon Jones July 24, 2012 at 04:32 PM
My name is Ramon A. Jones. I grew up in this city and still love it dearly. Im not a politician, but a "MAN IN POLITICS". I have every intention in the world to run for mayor of my beloved city in the near future. I am a qualified candidate to bring our city back to our days of the 70's and 80's, when we prospered as a whole. Being divided has got us where we are in America. Let us not let this happen to "OUR" great city. My family came there in 1958 and still reside there. I've got a stellar educational background. As an accountant, I've assisted several companies in their time of need. Turning them from near bankruptcy to a satisfactory status. So if you are interested in a mayor who can get the job done, email me your thoughts and concerns at nupestar@hotmail.com. I'll respond personally to all emails. God bless!!


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