Water Leak Checks, New FOIA Officers: On the Agenda

Chicago Heights City Council meets Monday, August 15, with a few items on the agenda.

Mayor David Gonzalez and the Chicago Heights City Council will meet Monday, Aug. 15, at 7 p.m. There will be time allotted for public participation and comments.

Click on the PDF above to see the full agenda for the city council meeting.

The meeting will be taking place at the , inside the council chambers.

Arthur W. Wiggins Jr. August 16, 2011 at 02:19 PM
I really had hope that the Mayor and City Council, understood the two issues I tried to convey last night. Empathy and little more concern would definitely come off more welcomed. 1) Whoever it is that answer the phone for the Water Dept. has a problem with both what she says and how she say it. Additionally, there has been an true issue with how the policies of paying past due bills are handled. Their criteria for getting on a payment plan is not clear, and from several people I have spoke to, the policies have varied. 2) The corner where Beacon Boulevard turns from going North-South to East-West has a history going back for 3 decade of being dangerous having multiple crashes and a death. After leaving the City Council meeting I witnessed another near miss in that corner. These near misses are occur daily. Children and bicyclist cross there. I feel that the Mayor assertion to engineering evaluations to asset the concern does not offer much care or concern to the issue. To insist that there may be an issue about snow plows over human life seem careless. The water dept issues are annoying and an inconvenience, but it is something that can take time to correct. There are no human casualties arguing over whether or not some one will be put on a payment plan. However, to strike down the issue that some sort of PASSIVE speed control device is needed or not, in an area that has proven to be a problem, is not putting the safety of the community first.


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