Make the Call: Sox Bar or Cubs Bar?

Vote in our poll for the best place to boil up the crosstown rivalry during baseball season.

Arguably the best part of spring is now under way.

Through April 15, the Sox are 5-3, and the Cubs have already found their way to the basement at 3-7 (spare me the “I told ya so”). Fortunately, this is only the beginning. With a long season ahead of us, we’d like to know where you go to tie one on during the baseball games. Vote in our poll for your favorite bar in the Chicago Heights area to watch a game.

Our lineup was set by recommendations from our Facebook fans and from our trusty listing directory. Vote in the poll and click through the name of your place and leave a quick review. Our victor will be based on a combo of positive reviews and poll votes. Plus, one Patch user who leaves a review will be randomly chosen to win a Patch T-shirt. That’s a win for all, wouldn’t you say?

And if our Facebook fans missed your favorite watering hole, please give a shout out in the comments. Better yet, like us on Facebook so you can chime in next time.

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Tim F April 25, 2012 at 04:26 PM
Best place is at home. Won't get a DUI. Don't need a kevlar vest.


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