Bloom Township Loses to St. Joe Angels During Missouri Trip

The Blazing Trojans dropped games to St. Joe and Incarnate Word Academy in St. Louis.

Likely, most of those in attendance Sunday for the Bloom Township versus St. Joseph’s Academy basketball game were eager to get home and watch the lineup of National Football League playoff games later in the afternoon.

The Angels obliged, running up enough of a lead in the third quarter 53-25 to force a running fourth quarter clock against the visiting Blazing Trojans.

Watch the game video streamed on the Prep Broadcasts Network.

Ron Newquist’ South Land team got a taste of St. Louis. They lost Saturday night to Incarnate Word Academy 88-55, and to St. Joe Sunday, 66-29. Suffice to say a bite of toasted ravioli or Ted Drewes frozen custard might have been tastier than facing two of St. Louis’ primo basketball teams.

Tough visit to the Loo

“This was a tough weekend, and unacceptable for my team to not give a good effort. That’s why I benched my starters most of the second half. If they won’t give a good effort, I can’t reward them,” said their coach Newquist.

The Chicago team has a quick turn around. They will celebrate Martin Luther King Day by facing Providence Catholic at the Willow Brook Nike Challenge today. Tipoff is 4:30 p.m.

The Trojans arrived in St. Louis with a 15-4 record; but fell to 15-6, absorbing those two loses. “We are playing in the prime time game. Hopefully, we will bounce back and play much better,” said Newquist.

The win was just what the 14-3 Angels needed. They host Jefferson City Helias Wednesday night, then Saturday face Dexter in the Charleston (Mo.) Shootout.

Watching the game with Incarnate Saturday, Angels coach Julie Matheny thought this one would be closer.

Just what was needed

“This is exactly what we needed. We needed a game with a quick, athletic team. Our guards are continuing to get better,” she said. This turned out to be a good chance to test drive those new guards.

Matheny was able to mix up the guard combo, testing some of her reserves like Abbey Combest (8 points); Gracie Darland, Mary Barton and Natalie Sims.

The starters got to watch most of the second half from the pines.

Erin Nelson, who is headed to Saint Louis U. led the Angels with 18 points. Center Sydney Stipanovich (Penn) had 10, all in the first half.

“I really want to get past this week. This is the first time we’ve had a full week of school after that long holiday break. So they are tired, and they have homework and we need to get them into their routine,” said Matheny.

Erin Nelson enjoyed another win

Nelson was glad to win. “We were satisfied with this win. We watched them play (IWA}, and they are quick and athletic. We came ready to play and we just took it to them,” said Nelson. 

Susie Schmank came off the bench and pitched in 11 points. Nine different Angels scored in the game. Senior Bria Gaines led the South Chicago team with 11 points.


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