South Sider Threatens to Burn Diploma of First Black Man to Graduate Harvard

Says he wanted the university to take him seriously after they lowballed him on a price to purchase the papers.

A South Side man who found rare Harvard University graduation papers in his Englewood home years ago threatened to burn them because he was insulted by Harvard's offer to purchase them. The papers include the diploma of Richard Greener, the first African-American student to graduate from the university in 1870. Appraised at $65,000, Harvard is said to have offered just $7,500 for the rare documents, report our partners at WGN News, via Aol On.

What do you think of Harvard's offer for this piece of rare history?

Joseph H. Hernandez October 17, 2013 at 05:50 PM
This just seems ridiculous. The document may have been appraised at $65k but that doesn't mean that someone has to buy them. The threat to burn the document because he can't get the money he want's for them shows that he doesn't care about the historical significance of the diploma. I'm sure there are collectors that will spend tens of thousands of dollars on the diploma but to expect everyone to pay the highest price is short sighted.


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