The Key of Life Family

By Tunisia I.E. Al-Salahuddin

Now when you think of, “The Key of Life Album,” you think of a genius minded prodigy by the name of Stevie Wonder. Within this 1976 album you have songs such as Pastime Paradise, Isn’t She Lovely, As, and If It’s Magic. I remember being a child in the 70’s and on Saturday morning listening to this entire album as we did our chores; along with a host of other albums my mother use to put on that old cabinet style record player. What brought my attention to this album was going through a life crises and my sister putting on another song by Stevie Wonder, “You Will Know,” which made me sit back and really think, “Yes” all problems do have solutions, but it wasn’t until years later when I was in Rasputin Records located in Concord, California one of the last great record stores when I stumbled upon a double used CD of Stevie Wonders album, “The Key of Life,” I believe I paid a charming price for it (un-disclosed) and couldn’t wait to pop it into my CD player in my car.  


Now upon listen to the entire album over a few times and examing the album cover; a light of epiphany came on within me, ‘this man is a prophet of some sort. This all took place in the beginning of 2013.  Then the next thought that came to mind was, ‘How Can A Man That Can Not See Know That the Solar Plexus and The Color Yellow Are The Key To Life?’ Followed by How Can A Man That Can Not See Know That The Color Purple Is the Crown Chakra the Holy Grail?” I believe this was complete brilliance of Stevie Wonder to bring in a collaboration of people pretty much a New Family within the 70’s to help people within the community to have a better understand of life, and what we should be striving for in life by creating a future paradise here on planet earth.


Stevie Wonder collaborated with people such as Max Shapiro whom still to this day does community outreach work within San Francisco, California within the legal system and building business, and you can find him holding meetups within San Francisco giving vital information to the community. He also collaborated with Denise Williams whom is a strong vocalist on the Key of Life Album whom in 1984 came out with her, ‘Black Butterfly’ album http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Butterfly_(song) symbolic to rebirth and truth of whom you are!


Stevie Wonder created a family of people from all genres and walks of life to put this prophetic album together. From a host of lawyers, singers, community activist like Minister Abdul Haleen Farakhan, David Bowie, and the Dobbie Brothers and even athletes like Kareem Abdul Jabbar.  Greats like the Burrito Brothers, Watts Prophets, Roberta Flack, Sergio Mendes, Bill Withers, Frank Zappa and the voice of baby Aisha his daughter whom surprisingly my sister named her daughter after without even knowing until I looked up the name Aisha and whom this woman was in holy text and how great that name is, then stumbling upon this album (flipping through the cover) and seeing the name Aisha.


The Key of Life Album was created for a time such as this do to the current issues that many have faced since the 70’s and the now. Upon creating this album and reflecting on the names on the back of the album and the overall development of the album my conclusion was. ‘Stevie Wonder’ put together a family of people that came together to make such an influential work; that this album still wakes people up to this day to, ‘Knowing Thy Self (Man)’ the Magic of healing, the change of the world (New World Order), baby get out the water, the first star that came to see about you don’t worry because it may be another star, and stop living a pastime paradise,  and start living for a future paradise here on planet earth. 


What I would say the duties are for these people whom are part of the key of life album and those who helped create this is this; Keep helping within the community that you came from Stevie Wonder Prophesies through song (no clanging symbols at all). He talked about this ugly village ghetto land that we are trying to eliminate and get to a future paradise here on planet earth. The work is not done and as long as your name is on the list of people whom helped to put together this beautiful album you somewhat have a duty to work for the betterment of the community you came from! The plan was and still is to eliminate this village ghetto land, but the song was created to wake the wealth Americans and Europeans up all over the world to poverty in countries where there was abundance. There always has to be a rebirth of the men and women to finding out the great within and too much spiritual birth control causes stagnation within a nation sometimes an entire country. Let’s start creating for a future paradise here on the planet Earth!








Abdul Jabbar

Valari Adams

Linda Allen

Randy Allen


Carl Anderson

Gordon Bahary

Jeff Beck

Clarence Bell

Deborah Jean Bell

Ella Berkley


Michael Boddicker

Richard “Nick Danger’ Bolling

David Bowie

Don Boyce

Nancy Bridges

Billie Jean Brown

Cynthia Brown

Michael Brown

Ollie E. Brown

Vernon Burch

Burrito Brothers

Darrell Brooks

G.C. Cameron


Stella Castellucci

Malcolm Cecil

Alice Coltrane

Jimmy Clinton

Jessie Coen

Natalie Cole


Chick Corea

Don Cornelius

Pete Cumming



Suzanne dePasse

Ron Dellums



Donnie Doobie Brothers

Natalie Ellington

Scott Edwards

Ed Engler

Yvonne Fair

Minister Abdul Haleen Farakhan

Stephanie Fischobach

Roberta Flack

Kenny Gamble

Lee Garrett

Richard Germinaro

Jim Gilstrap

Bernice Givens

Kathy Gonzalez

Allen Green

Guy Green

Lucky Green

Dick Gregory

Dick Griffey

Ramona Griffin

Eli Harary


Darlene Harris

Lois Harvin

Donny Hathaway

Bill Hayes

Jeff Hefner

Marlo Henderson

Uncle Herman

Gil Scott Heron

Thelma Houston

Leon Huff

Satsuya Jwasawa

Nathalie Jackson

Reverend Jesse Jackson

J.J. Jackson

The Jacksons


Quincy Jones

Bunny Jones

Buster Jones

Max Julian


Gary Kellgren

Eddie Kenricks

Kiko Kihara

Carole King

Carol Kirkendall


Danny Kooch

Carmen Lauro

Ken Leiviska

Michael Lessene



Bob Margouleff



Barbara Jean Marshall

Sergio Mendes

The Miracles

Jerry Mitchell

Kenji Miura

Van Morrison

Julie McNaulty


Etsuro Nakamichi

Ted Nakamichi


Harry Nillsson

Tom Oberheim

Nigel Olsson

Ray Parker Jr

Adrian Parrish

Melvin Van Peebles

Bugs Pemberton

Pointer Sisters

Billy Preston

Herbie Price Jr.

Kathy Purefoy

Randy Reeder

Curtis Robertson

Lou Robin

Tom Robin


Diana Ross

Dick Rudolph

Ronnie Salisbury


David Sanborn

Evie Sand

Mary Seymore

Max Shapiro

Daminon Smith

Donna Sonnier

Lillie Spell



Edwin Starr


Stephan Sills

Ohio Sylvers


Shinji Take

Judy Takeuchi


James Taylor

The Temptations

Tasha Thomas

Susan Towsend

Sachiko Tsuneda



Jr. Walker


Leon Ware

Harriet Wasserman

The Watts Prophets

William Webster III



Debborah White

Joshua White

Lenny White

Norman Whitfield

Kenny Roy Whitney

Andy Williams

Denise Williams

Myrna Williams

Frank Wilson

Bill Withers

Frank Zappa







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